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Bees are a fundamental element in maintaining diversity and planting marihuana they are very useful for rescuing bees.

The industry uses more and more insecticides on its plantations. This causes the death of millions of bees a year in the world.

Bee protection is essential for the survival of the planet.

A study in the United States showed that bees feel safe in the environment cáñamo and attracted to flowers marihuana CBD, as long as these crops do not use pesticides.


Bottom and marijuana research 

A study published in the journal Biomass and Bioenergy Vol. 122: 

  • Place of study: Northern Colorado
  • Harvest: June – September 
  • This period combines the small horticultural production in the area. Marijuana supported the creation of abundant pollen.
  • Marijuana plants produce large amounts of pollen.
  • Marijuana blooms in times of scarcity for pollination of other plants.

Marijuana plants can help bees survive in times of scarcity of native plants.

Research results

10 “traps” were placed in the marijuana crop and in 5 days 2000 bees of 4 different species were caught.

This was to compare the number of bees found in crops other than marijuana.

The results came as quite a surprise: Bees are more attracted to the marijuana crop and attract more numbers of bees and of different species.

The importance of studying bees and marijuana

Marijuana flowers can provide bees with new food options in periods and areas where pollen may be low.

This study can be applied to the problems of scarcity that exist in the world.

Finding sustainable crops without pesticides and chemicals is essential for the survival of bees. If we combine this with seasonal, it helps the reproduction, life and survival of bees.

There are insecticides and other products that are harmful to bees that you should avoid using on marijuana crops for pest control.


There are insects that can control pests that can be found in marijuana crops and also products that do not use compounds.

Prepare marijuana

Synthetic cannabinoids are created in the laboratory and try to reproduce the psychoactive effects caused by THC.

Cannabinoids are the molecules found in the plant marihuanaor cannabis. This cannabinoid protects the plant itself against parasites, diseases and sunlight.

The most researched cannabinoids to date are THC and CBD. THC is the part that interacts with our nervous system and causes insecticides and changes in consciousness. Meanwhile, CBD also interacts with our nervous system, but in different ways. TheCBDIt reduces the effects of THC and also helps in the treatment and improvement of specific diseases. It also provides better immunity to our nervous system and increases our defenses.

So what is the difference between synthetic and natural cannabinoids and what effect do they have?

Synthetic cannabinoid:

The only goal of synthetic marijuana is to produce more psychopathy in the human body for the person consuming it. In general, the laboratories that do this work are illegal and put it on the black market by selling it as synthetic marijuana.

These products are sold under the false name “natural” and the names you will find in connection with these flowers are: Spice, Ninja, K2, Nitro, Magma, Skunk or Radiance.

Effects of artificial marijuana 

There are now two categories of marijuana:

Marijuana with THC <0.2%: This flor de cáñamoit has ridiculous THC levels, and it has no psychic effect. This is achieved thanks to the natural genetics of a particular strain, which produces high levels of CBD and negligible amounts of THC. They are 100% natural

Marijuana with THC of all other genetics. The amount of THC can vary from 2% to 30%, depending on the genetics of the plant. THC is responsible for producing psychotic effects. This marijuana flower is also 100% natural.

Synthetic Marijuana: It is a chemically modified and dangerous chemical like rat marrow added to prolong its effects. This chemical change can cause serious damage to the human body:

  • Paranoia
  • Absence 
  • Palpitations
  • Muscle pain
  • Anxiety
  • Death

Ingestion of artificial marijuana can also lead to death from overdose.

Synthetic marijuana is not a controlled product anywhere in the world, so there is no analysis that is able to verify the exact ingredients it contains.


Using artificial marijuana can be very dangerous. 

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