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To sell marihuanaLegal started in Spain in 2015 and since then it has only grown. One of the most talked about is the price of legal marijuana. Many people say it is more expensive than illegal marijuana. Here we are going to discuss why the price of legal marijuana and the difference compared to illegal marijuana.

The first thing to understand is that illegal marijuana, while having a stronger THC effect, has no control that allows the quality of the flower to be determined. In addition, this type of product lacks any kind of legitimacy and therefore the applicable tax. The sale of illegal marijuana, as the name implies, is completely illegal in Spain.

This is the main reason why cáñamo legal in Spain can reach higher prices. 

Selling legal CBD marijuana

To get the flowers and cogollos pure cure oil egal, the cultivation process is exactly the same, with the difference that for the cultivation of legal marijuana it is necessary to grant special licenses, as well as certified seeds from the European Union. In addition, you must apply the expenses incurred for the cultivation in the case of indo: electricity, water, air conditioning. 

Maintaining a tropical climate in a closed room can be very expensive. 


It is for this reason that legal marijuana can be priced.

Other important factors are taxes. Illegal marijuana does not generate any type of tax and both its sale and distribution are illegal. Legal marijuana has the highest VAT rate, but fortunately it does not have as high taxes as tobacco and smoking products, asventa de marihuana legal in Spain, it is for technical, decorative or aromatic uses.

You also need to add packaging and distribution. This process offers the consumer the best quality assurance.


List of CBD marijuana flowers and buds in great buds


Super Silver Haze

Genetics: Super Silver Haze

CBD + CBDA:  5%

TASTE:  Sweet.

SMELL:  Fruity-rich

THC:  Less than 0.2%


Orange Cookie

Genetics: Orange bud (Afghani Indica, Acapulco gold and Colombian gold)

CBD + CBDA: 2% -3%

THC:  Less than 0.2%

TASTING:  Citrus cloves. Aromas and flavors vary between nectarine and orange, depending on the phenotype.

SMELL: Fruity-rich


White Haze

Genetics:  White Haze.

CBD + CBDA:  4%

THC:  Less than 0.2%

TASTE: Its aroma and taste are intense and intricate, with notes of lemon, haze, exotic woods, incense and spices.

LIGHT: Haze.



Genetics:  Strawberry (Strawberry genetics is a cross between an unknown clue + Strawberry).

CBD + CBDA: 6% THC:  Less than 0.2%

TASTE: This strain is famous for its strong strawberry flavor that leaves you in the palate.

SMELL: Fruity-rich


Genetics: Bubblegum (BubbleGum is a balanced sativa dominant hybrid with 60% sativa genetics and 40% indica genetics).

CBD + CBDA: 4%

THC:  Less than 0.2%

TASTE:  It has a complex bubbly taste with hints of fruity, spicy, bitter and earthy.

ODOR: The aroma of the roasted flowers on Bubblegum is also very diverse, with notes of mint, basil, thyme, grapefruit, strawberries, flowers and nectar.



Genetics:  Pineapple (Pineapple is a flavored strain that blends Afghan, skunk # 1 and Old School Haze).

CBD + CBDA:  4%

THC:  Less than 0.2%

TASTE:  The taste and aroma of this herb is absolutely tropical including citrus and  sweet.

ODOR: Fruity with a floral undertone.

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