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If you want to know all the stories of hemp discovery and how its knowledge, use and limitations have evolved around the world and over the years, we’ll tell you all below.

In the last few years I have discovered it marihuanaligera with a THC <0.2% my a large percentage of CBD. This flower with CBD does not produce psychoactive effects. The CBD has beneficial effects and there are multiple studies that are currently underway. By grace, elcáñamo has been unsettled by the goblins for many years.

So what’s the story behind the marijuana it was first used for? and when was its use banned?

Keep reading and we will answer all your questions about the history of marijuana.


Cannabis history: Revolution, antiquity and the time after classics

In China and Taiwan, there are the first discoveries about the use of las flores de marihuana. Date of 8,000 years before Christ. Where he found cords of song. In Iraq we find the first such highs with the marijuana plant, since Mesopotamia has been ours ever.

In ancient Indian religious texts, Atharcaveda, the marijuana plant is referred to as the Holy Grass.

Between 2,000 and 800 BC, it also spread across Japan and Korea.

About 1,200 BC, marijuana also spread throughout Egypt: a hemp canvas was discovered inside the tomb of Alchanaten. 

Between 800 and 200 BC, the marijuana plant and its use spread throughout Asia and North Africa and the Mediterranean. 

From 200 BC to 500 BC, the Greeks began to describe the anti-inflammatory power of marijuana due to pain.

Hemp paper began to be used in Japan between 200 and 500 BC.

Between the years 500 and 100 AD, marijuana spread throughout Eurasia and the Moors brought marijuana to the Iberian Peninsula, in the 700 AD invasions.

Marijuana in colonial times

The strings of Christopher Columbus’ skull, in 1492, were made of 100% hemp fiber.   For this reason, the ships’ sails took the same name, which comes from Latin and means “from hemp”.

In 1533, King Henry VIII of England ordered the peasants to plant hemp for the production of cloth, ropes and sails, and to support the Royal Navy.

In the 1600s, hemp was used as a lamp fuel in the American colonies, where hemp production was required by law.

Native American birth and basic marijuana use

1776 The Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper. 

At XNUMX. century, the marijuana industry expanded with significant technological advances.

By 1850, marijuana plantations across the United States numbered more than 8,500 plants.

Marijuana decline at XNUMX. century

In 1916, the US Department of Agriculture decided that marijuana produced 4 times more cellulose than wood.

In 1937, before the unstoppable boom of marijuana, a tax was introduced to control and restrict marijuana plantation due to discoveries of the psychoactive effects of the plant when it was smoked, even banning its use and planting.

All of this made it impossible to grow marijuana in the United States since 1957. However, growing demands led the US government to allow the export of marijuana seeds and oils for human consumption.

XNUMX. century and the rebirth of marijuana

In 2004, a national court ruled in favor of marijuana growers in the United States in favor of hemp as a dietary supplement and sale of skin care products.

In Dakota since 2007, farmers have been licensed to grow marijuana for 50 years.

The marijuana market in 2016 reached $ 688 million, even though there are still many states in the United States that are not licensed to grow marijuana. Something that over time is reversed and restrictions lifted all over the earth.

Industrial hemp as a lifestyle

For just a few years, marijuana with a THC content <0.2% has been allowed to be grown in the European Union. In Spain, the cultivation and sale of marijuana flowers with pure cure oil has been legal since 2019

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