CBD Cream99% CBD crystals: What properties do they have?

April 29, 2021by goharusman0


Lay marihuana has different elements, among them and the best known is CBD. Thanks to CO2 extraction, purity 99% concentration ofcannabidiol CBD. After extraction by this method, natural crystallization is formed.

Now you might be wondering what is the difference between a pure CBD crystal and aceite CBD full Spectrum.

In this article we will explain all the differences, components and uses used according to the extraction method.

How is CBD made from marijuana? What are pure CBD crystals?

Pure CBD crystals are obtained from the plant cáñamo. This purity is achieved thanks to the previous elimination of terpenes, flavinoids and other active substances except CBD.

The super accurate method of extracting CBD is with CO2. This means that raw materials such as carbon dioxide are introduced into the process in a hypersensitive state, the intermediate between liquid and gas. All this is done within a closed system.

All this process takes place inside an airtight machine, with a controlled temperature that allows the evaporation of the active substance CBD.

What is obtained thanks to this process is a material with a relative purity between 97% and 99%. In addition, the pure CBD crystals contain terpenes from marijuana which give it taste and smell.

Thanks to this CO2 extraction method, it is possible to eliminate 100% of THC from the plants, which is an psychotic part of marijuana.

What are the effects of CBD crystals?

Pure CBD crystals have the same properties as any other CBD extraction method. CBD cannabidiol has the same effect and has the same properties in all types.

The next CO2 extraction method is to obtain pure CBD with much cheaper preparation.

What is the difference between full spectrum CBD oil and pure CBD crystals?

As the saying goes, “Full Spectrum” means the whole spectrum. It is true that for certain ailments and diseases the best results are achieved thanks to all the marijuana parts in the right doses and proportions. 

Pure CBD crystals contain only cannabidiol pure cure oil, that this is researched and used in a number of diseases.


Pure CBD crystals have the same properties as traditional CBD oils. They are completely safe and provide the same results, always focusing on CBD components.

As is well known, marijuana has more than 140 cannabinoids and the best known is CBD. CBN, CBG and CBC are also studied as other important factors.

There are special oils on the market CBG, CBN, CBG and CBC. It is only necessary to know which current component is best for each treatment.

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